Weekly News Digest 34

Smells In the Metaverse?

A recent publication in Nature Communications indicates promising results for a olfactory device to bring smells to VR experiences. One of two devices can be used, the first is a smaller device which attaches to the upper lip and the second is a mask which fits over the user’s mouth and nose. Both heat waxes to produce a variety of scents, the first is capable of using two waxes to produce a smaller range of scents while the latter can use up to nine to create one of over 30 scents including pineapple, lavender, orange, dragon fruit, lemon, and many more. The upper lip device can be seen here and the mask here.

Metaverse and Education

Educational institutions in Japan and South Korea are looking to incorporate Metaverse and VR experiences into classrooms for personalized teaching. Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea is looking to become a “metaversity” with fully digitalized classrooms teaching cybersecurity. "Virtual reality technology can be applied in fields that are difficult to access in reality, such as outer space and the nanoworld," stated Moo Hwan Kim, the university's President. In Japan 7000 students use VR headsets for parts of their education and a survey of students found 98.5% satisfaction. These steps are part of larger initiatives being taken by these governments to invest in the Metaverse.

Urban Decay Hosts Contest Onto ROBLOX

Urban Decay, a subsidiary of cosmetic giant L’Oreal recently hosted a contest on ROBLOX titled ‘Eye-Con’. The competition allowed users to design a look for avatars inspired by the Urban Decay makeup line for a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles, California and take part in a photoshoot for the brand. At a party in the event space on May 13 judges selected three finalists and now visitors can pick the winner by popular vote, winners will be announced in June.

Nutralite Hosts Metaverse Cooking Show

Nutralite, an Indian food company recently hosted the first metaverse cooking show on ‘Nutraverse’ with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The show featured the chef cooking healthy and delicious three recipes with the company’s products while socializing, playing games, taking pictures with the chef’s avatar, and more. Kapoor said, “I’m thrilled to have hosted Nutraverse, the world’s first cookery fest on the metaverse. The fresh concept allowed me to bring together the power of technology and the love for food, and the never-before-seen experience of cooking virtually. I am delighted to be a part of this platform, which is enabling incredible talent from home cooks nationwide.”. The project was made possible in collaboration with metaverse agency Tonic Worldwide.

Tourism Authority of Thailand Set to Open Virtual Office

The Tourism Authority of Thailand signed an agreement with Bitkub to open a virtual office by the third quarter of this year, according to the Bangkok Post. The project hopes to increase Thai tourism through an exhibition in their virtual office which will include with experiences focused on history and major landmarks around the country. In the office visitors can buy tickets to attractions, gain access to certain privileges, and merge their YAKS wallet which allows visitors to collect NFTS for visiting certain attractions around the country.