Weekly News Digest 33

AI Creates Entire RPG Level

A recent LinkedIn post from Tim Cotten shows the power of AI and how it can be harnessed in new ways by creating an entire RPG level. The level was created with an in-house gamedev tool AutoRPG and used Automated Task Agents to build the environment and make its own logical decisions on design. This project is set to become part of the new game Niftiez currently under development. More on how the AI designed the level can be found here.

Alibaba Builds Metaverse Launchpad With Avalanche

Alibaba Cloud, a digital backbone of the e-commerce giant Alibaba has created a launchpad for platform creators to rapidly launch on the Avalanche blockchain. The project named ‘Cloudverse’ is a one-stop, end-to-end solution for creating spaces in the Metaverse and allows for all elements (land, wearables, etc.) to be seamlessly created and available to consumers. John Wu, President of Ava Labs (part of Avalanche) stated “Cloudverse powered by Avalanche offers millions of consumer-facing businesses a quick, low-overhead, one-stop gateway into Web3. We look forward to seeing how businesses expand into the Cloudverse — and to continuing to build the future with Alibaba Cloud.” Read more here.

House of Hype Coming to Dubai Mall

A new attraction is coming to the Dubai Mall in Q4 2023 called House of Hype which aims to allow visitors to experience the Metaverse in real-life. The 100,000 sq ft (~9300 sq meter) will have 29 different rooms and offer games, NFT experiences, music, and shopping. Among the rooms will be fitness, gaming, music, and VR focused experiences to allow for the most immersive experience. The House of Hype experience is being created by the same team which made the AYA Experience in the Wafi City Mall.

Medical IP Revolutionizes Use Cases of Digital Twins

Medical IP, a digital twin creation company focused on medicinal use cases has harnessed the power of NVIDIA’s Omniverse to create 3D models of the human body in virtual spaces for educational and professional purposes. The software, called MEDIP PRO allows for real-time image sharing, surgery simulations, and much more for in-depth learning, research, and study. Park Sang-Joon, CEO of MEDICAL IP, said, “MEDICAL IP will lead progress and innovation in various medical areas such as surgery and treatment optimized for individual patients, drug delivery simulation, and monitoring by implementing the information contained in medical images as a digital twin and expanding it into a virtual space.”. Read more on how the Metaverse can revolutionize medical education here.

Fidelity Brings Financial Education to the Metaverse

Fidelity which offers a wide range of financial services has expanded into Decentraland and ROBLOX to bring financial education and literacy to users. The Pancake Empire Tycoon on ROBLOX uses pancakes to simulate real-world spending, saving, and investing to teach younger generations about finance in a fun and interactive way. In addition, users can receive wearables and earn secret rewards for climbing through the ranks. The Bloom-o-rama experience on Decentraland caters to older audiences with challenges, quizzes, quests, and much more to help them learn how to invest and manage their personal finances.