Weekly News Digest 31

Coty Creates Metaverse For Employees

Coty, a world-renowned beauty brand has announced a partnership with Spatial to create an internal metaverse for their 11,000+ employees. This push is a part of a larger effort to upskill their workforce and increase global collaboration. The platform will reportedly have file sharing abilities, customizable avatars, and a phygital reward system as well as onboarding, recruiting, training abilities. Coty Chief Digital Officer Jean-Denis Mariani stated “With Coty Campus, we are proud to leverage Spatial’s Web3 and gaming technology on a groundbreaking scale to create new immersive experiences that will provide the most interactive solutions for collaboration and co-creation. Coty is thrilled to be the first Beauty company to embark on this kind of project.

Katmai Raises $22 Million for New Remote Work Platform

Katmai has raised $22 million for a new take on remote work that utilizes 3D spaces and a new spin on avatars. The platform video conferencing with a real-time 3D engine to bring workers together in a realistic environment without the need for VR headsets, only a browser. Instead of a standard cartoonish avatar, the platform uses live video of each user and represents them through a video as seen in the image above. The space features individual offices with doors that block all audio to those on the other side and allow people in the office to see who is waiting to come in and allow/deny their entry. “Our vision for the future of work encompasses the flexibility employees have come to expect while giving leaders instant access to their teams and boosting productivity. In a world where companies are striving to do more with less, our product is designed to offer businesses a competitive edge” stated Erik Braund CEO.

New Metaverse Architecture TwinUp Launches Beta

TwinUp launched a beta version of its software to create, manage, optimize, and present 3D models. The platform features an AI assistant ‘Arch-e™’ who processes data in real-time to assist in the process from beginning to end. The beta has three apps: TwinUp Community a free virtual design and social media platform for architects, TwinUp Building a digital twin builder, and TwinUp World which seeks to create a digital twin of the world allowing users to place their 3D models in their proper location.

Dubai’s Everdome Platform Secures $60M Pledge

Everdome a hyper-realistic platform has secured an additional $50M in funding from GEM Limited, bringing their commitment from $10M to $60M. Everdome seeks to create a world where reality meets fiction, allowing users to help build and explore a futuristic city on Mars. The platform states that laws of physics are obeyed to deliver a more realistic experience to the end user, while they are able to socialize, take part in the marketplace, and much more. The initial round of funding has been mostly used up to develop the initial steps of the project while the additional funding will help get it to be ready for launch.

Snap Inc. Unveils New AR Tools

Snap Inc. recently unveiled their AR Enterprise Services (ARES) to bring their technology to cusomters’ own apps and websites. Parts of their ARES include Shopping Suite, which allows users to try on clothing virtually, find the right fit/size, and allows for the creation of AR assets. Part of their newest launch is AR Mirrors which brings these technologies into a retailer’s physical space to create a more immersive experience for consumers. Brands with immersive experiences are reportedly 82% more likely to be recommended to others, and brands such as Coca-Cola, Men’s Warehouse, and Nike have formed partnerships with Snap Inc to bring these experiences to their customers.